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The history of Be Social Brave was born out of enthusiasm and passion for technology and the digital world, with desire to grow and create a close environment between brands and customers. We seek the difference through creativity and the flow of our imagination. Our commitment: effort and dedication in order to create a positive atmosphere and a unique way of working and facing challenges. Time flies and the digital world grows exponentially. We have adapted quickly to the new era, providing our own personality.


Be Social Brave has been created to build a link between your brand and the online world. With so many social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter; search engines such as Google or Yahoo and mass advertising such as Email Marketing, provide us infinite possibilities to boost your brand in the digital era. Our philosophy is based on the idea of providing a personal connection between you, your brand and the end customer. Always transmitting the corporate image that best suits your business principles.

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Our Services

Web Positioning

SEO Consulting, Auditing, Keyword Study, SEO On Page, Link-building, Local SEO.


SEM Consulting, Audit, Keyword Study, Campaign Configuration, Conversion Tracking, Remarketing, Monitoring.

Web Design

Design of webs in WordPress, E-commerce in Woocommerce and PrestaShop, SEO configuration of CMS, Monitoring.

Social Media

Reputation Management, Content Generation, Engagement, Targeting of the Target Audience.


We have a network of influencers at our disposal to publicize your brand naturally.

Instagram Growth

We are experts in finding your target audience, letting you know and getting as many followers as possible.

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